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Scatola del Tempo TIMESAFE OS 21 Watch Winder Safe w/ Storage

Scatola del Tempo TIMESAFE OS 21 Watch Winder Safe w/ Storage

  • $76,600.00

It consists in a safe which is completely lined in natural leather with visible stitching all hand-crafted by the workmanship of skilled experts. Inside it contains 21 rotating compartments to rewind automatic wristwatches even of big dimensions. Each rotating group, consisting in three compartments, is completely independent from the others, as programmed by a very sophisticated electronic card. Under the rotating compartments there is a small puller and two drawers fully fitted to hold both automatic and manual wristwatches, normal and big size ones; while on the right there are the time selector to program the rotating rows and six small drawers to contain any other precious objects. Moreover each item results to be a unique piece as it may be personalized both in the colour and in the dressing of the drawers and of the niches, according to the customeracirc;€TMs exigencies. External dimensions:110X60X50 Internal dimensions:99X48.7X35 Volume(dmc):165 Weight(kg) : kg.432 European Certification:A2P I Livello

  • Type: Winder
  • Accommodation: Twenty-one watches
  • Available Variations: Black | Brown | Tan
  • External dimensions:110X60X50 | Internal dimensions:99X48.7X35
  • Weight: kg.432
  • Warranty: One year
  • Note: Midwest Diamond & Watch is an authorized dealer.
  • Very strong concrete filling with special steel sheets.
  • Manganese shield for lock protection as a strong barrier.
  • Door-frame anchorage by means of cylindrical bolts and a fixed bar.
  • Double-bit security key lock.
  • Outside and inside steel walls.

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