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Scatola del Tempo 21RT EB OS 21 Watch Programmable Winder Case w/ Digital Print

Scatola del Tempo 21RT EB OS 21 Watch Programmable Winder Case w/ Digital Print

  • $76,600.00

One of the most prestigious creations of Scatola Del Tempo is the model 21RT EB, presented the first time in exclusive preview at the Watch and Jewellery Show BaselWorld 2009. The opening system is really revolutionary: this model can be opened by using a digital print system(fingerprint system). It is equipped with 21 rotating movements to rewind automatic wristwatches even of big dimensions. Each rotating group, consisting in three compartments, is completely independent from the others, as programmed by a very sophisticated electronic card. On the right there are the time selector to program the rotating rows and six small drawers to contain any other precious objects. Spacious compartments at the back let the client carrying inside several and different precious objects.On the top, a sliding lid to be opened with digital print (fingerprint system) . The exterior structure is made in lacquered polished precious zebrano wood with opening handles in inox steel.The cabinet is fitted with an electronic safety lock (digital system) that gives access to the rotor area and also to the back area. The armoured structure of the cabinet is steel on five sides and the glasses are shatter proof reinforced. The only part that is not armoured is the top of the opening panel (the base of the top is armoured).The sliding top of this prestigious model can be opened by using the digital print (fingerprint system) . Under the top there is a wide and useful compartment. As this compartment is not armoured, you are kindly requested not to put precious objects inside. This articular model is produced in Limited edition only.

  • Type: Winder
  • Note: Midwest Diamond & Watch is an authorized dealer.
  • Accommodation: Twenty-one watch
  • Available Variations:
  • Dimensions: 127x54x48 cm
  • Weight: 207 kg
  • Warranty: One year
  • Supporting journal door front and back parts thickness mm.10
  • Front and back doors panels in steel thickness mm.30
  • Bottom of the equipped space steel panel thickness mm.3
  • Doors with safety anti-braking glasses thickness
  • Side panels in steel thickness mm.3

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