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Orbita Privee 1 Watch Winder With Lithium Battery In Ebony/Macassar

Orbita Privee 1 Watch Winder With Lithium Battery In Ebony/Macassar

  • $590.75

This PRIVEE case is made from solid mahogany overlaid with fine Ebony/Macassar veneer, a very unusual and unique construction. The circular beveled crystal glass window allows easy watch viewing. Operation is virtually silent and, as double precision ball bearings support the rotating member, there will never be need for lubrication or maintenance. The case interior is lined in soft black suede and the cover's 110Atilde;'Acirc;deg; gold-plated quadrant hinges facilitate easy watch insertion and removal. Watches are gently wound on this quality watchwinder, with the mainspring tension of the watch held virtually constant, assuring accuracy. There is absolutely no chance of overwinding or stressing the watch's winding mechanism. The winder is fully programmable, with settings of 650, 900 or 1300 turns per day (TPD), the latter selection perfect for winding many extended power reserve watches with double barrel mainsprings. The program can also provide clockwise, counterclockwise, or reversing operation. Innovative software design provides automatic TPD adjustment to compensate for any battery voltage "droop" over time. These winders are supplied with two 3.6 VDC factory-installed Lithium batteries which are guaranteed to provide at least five years of service life.

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